The K Black Quarry Our Flagship (DIVI old post to delete)

Published in Swiat Kamienia in 2019.

“We are very excited to present K Black to the world market. K Black is our premium product and the response from customers has been very positive”, says Wendy Gajic, Sales Director at DLA Investments SA.

The K Black material is very sought after as the grain is so fine. The geological reason for the fine grain is that it was formed by faster cooling of the stone deposit than the surrounding area.

The beauty of the material is that it can be cut across all three dimensions, in other words, across the length, width or even the height. There is hardly any difference to the naked eye, between the different cutting directions.

In earlier years, the K Black quarry was worked only in the boulder areas. Since March 2017, the overall approach changed. A solid formation was identified and exploited. The over-burden or small formations were removed. The quarry took almost a year to develop into what it is today. This is a dimension stone mine in the truest sense. No moving around from place to place. The benefit of this type of address to the quarry has now resulted in a more consistent colour in the material. The volume of the deposit in the established quarry is 897 000 m3, which means K Black quarry has material available for many years into the future.

Djordje Gajic, the founder of the company is very proud. “The K Black quarry is now our flagship quarry. We made a huge capital investment into new machinery recently, and our concentrated efforts are starting to pay off. We can now offer consistency of supply to buyers from all over the world”, he says.

K Black granite is not unknown, it was sold previously to Japan buyers for the tombstone business as they like dark materials. But it is only now that we can say that we can provide the volumes needed to satisfy demand.”

The mining method is slab mining, with diamond wire saw cutting a primary block in excess of 15m x 7.5m x 2m. This is further processed into slabs for easier handling. Each slab is then processed into blocks using a motorised Drill Rig. The rig drills with triple the speed of conventional methods and with high precision. This results in a very square edge finish on the blocks and minimal wastage. Once the blocks are drilled, they are sent to the washing bay, and the quality control checker goes through each block to ensure there are no cracks or imperfections. Once this is done, the block undergoes another thorough comprehensive check by a specially trained checker to ensure that no blemish was missed. Only then is the block offered to buyers around the world.

As the area is mined, it is at the same time rehabilitated. This is an environmentally responsible approach, and is part of the overall responsibility of the company.

“The reason for our success is that we strive to maintain a high degree of ethics in our company. Our overseas customers know they can order blocks over the phone and they feel secure, knowing that they will receive high quality material with no surprises”, says Wendy. “We will be showcasing K Black granite at the Marmomac fair in September in Verona and invite buyers from Poland to visit the stand at Hall 12 Stand G1”.