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About Us

DLA Investments Granite Quarries
DLA Investments Granite Quarries

Our Story

Since 1999

Since 1999, our highly skilled professional team has supplied Europe, Asia, the USA, and South Africa with high-quality materials.

DLA Investments Granite Quarries has plentiful reserves to sustain long-term future delivery. Our quarries are designed to provide a constant supply of granite.

With the use of modern technology and methods, we suit our customer’s requirements worldwide.

Quality control is at the fore of every block produced. Each block is meticulously checked and catalogued, and re-checked again prior to dispatch.

Our Commitment

Management Vision

Originally founded by Djordje Gajic over 20 years ago, the DLA Investments Granite Quarries team is now managed by the family, with the same philosophy as inception:
To provide a high-quality product with a consistent supply that our customers can rely on.

We’re committed to operating within an environmentally sustainable framework by adopting responsible environmental care principles throughout the life cycle of activities, including rehabilitation of the land. Management is active in ensuring a safe, healthy, and financially secure environment for our employees.

The Team

DLA Investments Granite Quarries


Our Dimension Stone Quarries


This material has a top medium colour with a medium grain. Remarkable consistency of both colour and grain makes this material perfect for matching with other Sonop material over time.


DLA Investments Granite Quarries
Normal Cut
DLA Investments Granite Quarries
Cross Cut


Our K Black blocks produced in the K1 Quarry are premium quality materials with a top medium colour rating and a fine grain.

Offers very little variance to the eye between cutting straight or across the grain, which makes it perfect for monuments or tombstones where uniformity is desired in every dimension.

DLA Investments Granite Quarries


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DLA Investments Granite Quarries

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