Rustenburg Granite (Nero Impala), a beautiful and durable natural stone, has been a favourite choice for construction and decorative purposes since it was first quarried in the 1930s. Its timeless appeal and exceptional strength make it a sought-after material for countertops, flooring, monuments, and more. At DLA Investments Granite Quarries, the method of extracting granite from our quarries has evolved significantly, transitioning from the age-old tradition of slab mining in the late 1990s to the precise cutting with large blades saws. This shift has not only improved efficiency but has also reduced environmental impact and enhanced the quality of the extracted stone. Thereby ensuring, as one of the granite quarries in South Africa we are being consicous and responsible for our production of granite.

While slab mining served its purpose for many years, it had several drawbacks, including inefficiency, waste generation, and environmental concerns. These issues led to the evolution of granite quarrying methods, with large cutting blades becoming the preferred choice.

We have found that the investments in machinery and training of our technical staff, have paid off in the long run; and we are able to offer our granite blocks for sale in South Africa, and worldwide at very competitive prices.

The benefits have included:

Precision and Efficiency: Cutting granite with large blades allows for greater precision and control. Modern diamond-tipped saw blades and wire saws can cut through granite with accuracy, and this has resulted in fewer wasted materials and reduced processing time.

Reduced Waste: Slab mining often led to significant waste, as the process relied on natural fissures, which were irregular and unpredictable. Cutting with blades minimized waste by creating more uniform and manageable blocks, reducing the need for trimming and reshaping.

Environmental Benefits: Slab mining could be environmentally damaging, as it often required blasting to create fissures in the granite. Cutting with blades generates less noise and vibration, making it a more eco-friendly option. Additionally, reduced waste means fewer discarded materials that need to be disposed of, further reducing environmental impact.

Quality Control: Cutting with blades enables us to produce consistent, high-quality blocks that meet the exacting standards of modern construction and design.

We are proud to continually upgrade our extraction methods to the latest technology available, so that we can consistently deliver a high quality product that keeps pace with the evolving industry and to ensure we remain one of the best granite quarries in South Africa.